WEB8 Design Solutions offers the best content for articles, webpages, and press releases from highly talented and professional writers. Our search engine optimisation (SEO) based articles will help you achieve solid rankings on search engines faster. We do not use any software to create automated content. All of the content, you receive, will be 100% unique and optimised; pre-checked for grammar and spelling mistakes; and proofread before being sent to you. We have content writers that produce clean, understandable and compelling content that will definitely be worth publishing. Whether your company needs a few web pages, a sales copy, or a complete training course, the combined talents of our writers and editors will create something amazing for you.


Web Content

A badly written website copy can also make the customer turn away from your company causing them to switch over to your competitors. Web8 provide web-content writing solutions with an objective to promote and make your website visible. Your web pages will be written by professional writers who have vast experience in various aspects of media. They write all content after digging out information from various sources like journals, books, relevant sites, market publications etc. Being professional web content writers, we highlight the benefits of your products and aim to position your business as an expert in the relevant industry.



Any business or organisation who plans to survive and grow understands the importance of internet marketing. One way to be effective in it is by writing SEO based, keyword rich articles. At Web8, we acknowledge the importance of keyword centric articles and as we write them, we go through a process that ensure maximum keyword exposure to attain SEO objectives. Our talented and professional article writers work hard to make sure that every piece of information is captured and conveyed to the reader.


Sales Letter

Convert your potential customers with an effective sales letter that not only describes your product but also puts your prospects into a buying frenzy! An effective sales letter can skyrocket the sales of your product: people can be persuaded with the written word, particularly if it is done succinctly and in a way that emotionally connects them. Web8’ sales letter writing services help you raise your conversions. Whether you want short, benefit-laden letter or long, conversational copy, Web8 offers the powerful sales writing for all kinds of audience or customers. We’ll write sales content that focuses on benefits of your product or services and we are motivated to do so in a clear, concise and creative way.




What most determines the buyers’ behaviour in an online or E-Commerce market is the reviews, ratings and recommendations of fellow consumers and other people!

Talking specifically, reviews have many purposes and can be used in blogs, websites, ezines, newsletters and promotional packages. The main objectives of reviews is to rank your blog or website as preferred items on the go-to destination category and entice your customers to purchase products and services presented on your website.

Our professional review writers have demonstrated skills and abilities in writing compelling reviews.

press release

Press Release

A well-written press release gains the attention of the media, customers and the world at large. Writing press-release needs special talent and skill set that makes it noticeable by leading PR sites.

At Web8, we offer professional press-releases from small to large business organisations. Our accredited and highly skilled writers, who are also active members of leading PR sites and groups, have vast experience to compose the right press release to publicise the news about your business. They can write press release from the scratch or create one based on your draft. So get in touch to find out how we can assist you to develop effective press releases for your business.


Training Guide

Revenue that can be generated with information products is enormous. They give your customers the ability to learn new things about their niche or help them make money, and as they go through your course, you can recommend your affiliate products. We supply full content for your information product, whether it’s a Warrior Special Offer, a ClickBank product or any other type of educational media.

With a large experience in writing effective training guides, we present you with an opportunity to educate your clients and make money both in the front and the back end of your products.