Now you have a beautiful designed website.  Next question is How to make your website visible?  By optimizing your site to reach a top ranking. We share ranking reports with our clients and always ensure that they are updated on the progress regularly.


SEO Website Audit

We examine your website’s structure and content and determine the best possible strategies for an SEO campaign. Additionally, we analyse your competition and adapt our methods to ensure you achieve the desired results, regardless of the keywords you’re going to target.


Onpage SEO

After conducting extensive keyword research by using a range of sophisticated tools, we make Google-friendly alterations to your website, such as adding meta tags, alt tags, in-content keywords, setting up internal linking,  tweaking keyword prominence, creating sitemaps, managing Google Webmaster Tools, checking URL structure, finding duplicate content for preventing punishment by Google’s”Panda” algorithm.


Offpage SEO

We build relationships with authority websites that obey the Google guidelines in order to provide you with top quality backlinks. We  implement a number of advanced strategies and analyse the best possible linking structure, so that you always stay on top of competition and retain your rankings in the long-term.